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Renovation of the "Galerie des Châteaux", become Patrons !



Since March 2014, thanks to a new agreement between the Château de Gizeux and the Demeure Historique, patronage is possible year-round for private individuals who want to participate in the restoration of this inestimable treasure.
Patronage starts from 5euros !
Clicking on the present link, you obtain more information about patronage and the restoration project in the Château de Gizeux.

Why ?
The Gallerie des Châteaux, which includes 400m2 of wall paintings is unique in France. It needs a lot of restoration in order to avoid the weather, and above all the humidity that damage it. This work is extremely expensive and, only the patronage enable us to complete this work successfully.

How much ?
We hope the patronage to reach 40.000€ : Thanks to the numerous patrons of 2013’s campaign, French Heritage Society / MyMajorCompany, we reached a total of 21.790€! Funds already collected has been allocated to the wall paintings and window frames restoration and the attics insulation.

Water infiltrations...

plongez-vous dans l’histoire du châteauFollowing the television program “Des Racines et des Ailes” broadcast in April 2008, many of you came to discover Gizeux and its treasures. Likewise you have witnessed the huge restoration work that we have to undertake in order to save the castle gallery from its tragic awaiting end.

Numerous water infiltrations have indeed weakened the gallery and our old but  very charming windows, are unable to shelter the room from dampness. The climate changes redound to the flaking of the paint and every year we find new areas where the paint has vanished.
Far from feeling sorry for ourselves, we are looking for solutions to find the necessary funding for the renovation and  preservation of the gallery, the castle’s jewel.

Planning phase

la disparition de certaines zones de peinture vue en détailOur first plan is to renovate all eight gallery  windows. The cost of that work comes to 22 776,40€. Once we are sure of the quality of the windows, we will consider insulating the south facing roof of the main building.

Finally we will need to clean off the soot and mildew stains that deposited there. A local restoration workshop specialised and approved  by the “Monuments Historiques” has given us a quotation for 210 496,74€ .

If you add it all up you will see that we need to find about 233 274€ (not taking into account the roofing insulation) to ensure our children and grandchildren will be able to see this valuable gallery in the years to come.
Oiseau grand GalerieHere at Gizeux we believe that any visitor or any host represents a ‘patron‘.

However if you wish to commit yourself beside us in this adventure, we will receive your help with great interest, human, financial or related to your skills.

The patronage by MyMajorCompany

Become patrons!

Internet users from France and many other countries had the possibility of becoming cultural sponsors through a crowdfunding campaign that lasted 6 months, thanks to the MyMajorCompany website and in partnership with French Heritage Society.
Download the press release of the operation.

MyMajorCompany allows any user to become a co-sponsor of a project (cultural, artistic, heritage...). The restoration of the "Galerie des Châteaux" is presented and a gauge to achieve is fixed. Up to you, then, to choose the amount of your donation and sign up.

How much?

The goal was to reach €2,000, thanks to many generous donors, we reached the incredible amount of €21,790! This will allow us to use the collected funds for a larger portion of the work than we had originally planned.

The patronage by French Heritage Society

In 2012, French Heritage Society has awarded a grant of $ 30,000 to the Château de Gizeux for the restoration of one of the paintings in the "Galerie des Châteaux" : the American society has decided to award the prize to the representation of Fontainebleau.

French Heritage Society
(FHS) is dedicated to protecting the French architectural legacy both in France and the United States with particular emphasis on raising funds for preservation and education.

The society fosters long-established French-American relationships through cultural exchanges as it strives to ensure that the treasures of our shared heritage will survive to inspire future generations.

The restoration of the painting of Fontainebleau
's castle

With the endowment of $ 30,000 (about € 22,000) collected from generous donors of FHS, we can begin the works in April 2014 to restore the scene of the castle and its naval battles. It is a great joy for us and a huge relief to know that soon, one of the walls of the "Galerie des Châteaux"  will regain the brightness of its youth.


Our sponsors on MyMajorCompany

We want to thank profusely all the sponsors who participated in the MyMajorCompany crowdfunding campaign, from July through December 2013.

Véronique Altmann
Philippe Auniord
Pierre Baldino
George Barclay
Alix Beaufrère
Christophe Becker
Pierre Beighau
David Benello
Louis Bert
Arnaud et Ingrid de Bertier
Aude de Bertier
Laurent et Odile Bisschop
Jean-François Boisdet
Marie-Edith Bonneterre
Benoît Boulet
Laetitia de la Boussinière - bijoux
Claudine Broch
Françoise Brudieux
Géraldine Bruneau
Quitterie Budeuse
Laëtitia et Frédéric Cacitti-Donigian
Calixte Huggheins
Camillo Candia
Aurélie Carnac
Francis Cauwel
Ruben Centelles
Jean-Pierre Charpagne
Mélanie Chavent
Philippe Christophe
Agnès Cosson
Christian Debauve
Annie Deborde
Jean-Claude Dejoie
Philippe Demigné
Albert Demory
Isabelle Dieuzy-Labaye
Régis d'Indy
Emmanuel et Delphine Dubois
Dany Dubus
Caroline Duhesme
Gérard et Alix Duhesme
Marie-France Dupontreve
Jean-Cédric Durantin
Joseph Duros
Domitille Eblé
Laurent et Camille Emelina
Sébastien Fleureau
Guillemette François
Guido Frisiani
Nicolò Galante
Jacqueline Gasnier
Matthieu Gauthier
Mariella Gelmetti
Gabriel Germain
Romain Girard
Pierre-Marie Goumet
Valérie Guibert
Valérie Hamouche Couturier
Catherine Helin-Delort
Christiane Hirtz
François Hureau
Olivier de Jaham
Nancy Janin
Jean-François de Jerphanion
Yannick Kerherve
Nicolas Laborde
François Lagoutte
Brian Lance
Serge Laurent
Christian Le Flem
Jean-Paul Le Marchand
Diane Le Pomellec
Eric Lehmann
Murielle Lemoine
Sébastien Leriche
Brigitte Maître
Claude Jean Martin Isnard
Mohand Mellikeuche
Frédéric Merger
Thierry Minet
Emilien Mondon
Anne et Xavier de Moulins
Matthieu Mouradian
Hervé et Marie-Christine Multon
Vahid Navid
Bruno de Nazelle
Patrick Niec
Monique Pagès
Astrid de la Pastellière
Jean-Fabien Periaca
Johanna Peuch
Sylvie Pillias
Michel Plagne
Julie Platier
Christophe Platier
Sybille de Pontbriand
Bertrand de Quercize
Henry Raine
Bernard Renaux
Rolande Rey
Laurent Rondreux
François Rosset
Dominique de Russé
Jocelyne Savel
Marie-François de Selancy
Patrick Serrafero
Anne-Elisabeth de Servigny
Alain Slimane-Taleb
Martine Sodaify
Régine et Damien - Sté FranceWeek-End
Aurélien Stévenin
Nadine Talon
Nathalie Taureau
Joris Tereygeol
Ingrid Thelot
Karine Topalian
Jérôme Trégarot
Béatrice Van Keirsbilck
Cathia Villa
Michel Weiss
Pino Erich Zünd
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