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The family from 1334 to 1801

The du Bellay family arrived at the château in 1334.

The illustrious du Bellay family, related to the famous Renaissance writer Joachim du Bellay, resided at Gizeux for 350 years and made many alterations to the château in order to modernise their home.

In 1585, René du Bellay acquired to the title of Prince upon his marriage with Marie d’Yvetôt, whose family owned the principality of Yvetôt, a small kingdom in Normandy.

The multiple expenses undertaken for the restoration of the château led the du Bellay family into financial ruin. There were no descendants, and the château was sold in the mid-seventeenth century to Anne de Frézeau de la Frézollière, widow of René de Rouxelley and Countess de la Roche-Millay. 

Concerned with providing an artistic education for her only son, Anne de Frézeau moved to the countryside and invited a painting school to decorate the famous "Galerie des Châteaux around 1685.

Following the tragic death of her son, the countess retired to a convent and authorised her grandson to sell Gizeux to René de Grandhomme, newly ennobled by King Louis XV.  

portrait Marie FeuillantGrandhomme rarely resided at Gizeux. Consequently, his wife decided to offer the château as a dowry to her goddaughter Julie Constantin de la Lorie, upon her marriage to Louis Gabriel de Contades in 1786.

This young lady courageously stayed on her own in the château during the French Revolution, while her husband joined the counter-revolutionary Princes' Army.  He returned home in 1801, after many years of exile in Santo Domingo. 

Since then, the château has remained in the family. 

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Château de Gizeux

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