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The Workshops

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4:30pm during French school holidays (Easter, Summer, end of October), thematic workshops are offered to children to help them discover the Chateau de Gizeux in a different way.


On Monday
Located in the heart of the hidden garden, the children will discover what the gardens where use for and the different shapes they can take. Thanks to the experimental workshop, rain water collecting and other environmental friendly practices will no longer hold secrets for them.
Finely the children will have a hand on experience as their will sow flower seeds and repot their own plant to take home.

Tale and snack

On Tuesday during school holidays

Come to discover the tale "Marion et la vie qui bat", from Roxanne Turcotte. This tale, inspired from the château's grand mother, explains to the children the differencies between Court and Poultry-yard.
After the book reading, a snack is proposed to the group.

Oven baking

On Wednesday and Thursday during school holidays

Located in the domestic quarters from the 18th century, the oven is turned on, so the children can learn to cook bread the old way. With the dough, children make balls and put them in the oven. The workshop ends with a tasting of hot bread.

atelier pain chateau gizeux aetlier four à pain chateau de gizeux

Coat of arm

On Friday during school holidays

Introduced on the battlefields in the 12th century, this mark of appreciation quickly became popular in medieval Europe. Discover the functions of heraldry in feudal society and its remaining stakes in today’s society. Learn how to work out and understand the colour and the objects symbolised. Produce your own coat of arms using your artistic skills.

atelier blason chateau de gizeux chateau gizeux loire ateliers atelier blason chateau loire

Useful informations

Hour of the workshops : 4.30pm
Duration: 1h
Price: 3€50/child
Booking advised
For French-speaking children.
Château de Gizeux - 37340 Gizeux

Château de Gizeux

37340 Gizeux

00 33 (0)2 47 96 45 18


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