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The Grand Galleries

Francis the First Gallery

The Francis the First Gallery is located in the heart of the Renaissance building.

This magnificent gallery was entirely painted by Italian artists around 1585.
Of interest is the crowned salamander, emblem of King Francis the First, painted above the mantelpiece.  Because the king visited Gizeux twice, the du Bellay family had the right to include the king's emblem in the decoration of their home.

In addition to the remarkable beauty and richness of the wall paintings, the gallery is also of historical interest.

During the French Revolution,  the local villagers helped protect the painted decoration in the gallery by covering the walls with a wattle and daub mixture, thus completely hiding the royal symbols from the revolutionaries.

At the time, these mud and straw walls were meant to be temporary - but history decided otherwise..

The Gallery of the Châteaux

The Gallery of the Châteaux was created circa 1680 by an art school in residence at Gizeux.

This second gallery includes representations of the largest royal châteaux, including Chambord, Versailles, and more.

Can you recognise any of them?

Château de Gizeux - 37340 Gizeux

Château de Gizeux

37340 Gizeux

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