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Val De Loire: a quality destination

Le Château de Gizeux a reçu la marque nationale Qualité Tourisme™
The château de Gizeux together with other sites among the most prestigious ones, have created with the Touraine Tourism Regional Committee (www.touraineloirevalley.com), a common and  recognised  reference quality label.

The steps taken with the respect of the criteria aimed at improving  the standard of welcome and services on the sites,  should allow them to reach ultimately the national Quality Tourism™ label. Val de Loire tourist /cultural/ heritage sites commitment  to visitors : the big principles.

The whole site is kept clean and tidy. The equipment is in good shape and working order. Its exploitation respects the environment : surroundings , construction , landscapes, green areas, and waste upkeep.

The commitment prior to the visit:

logo Qualite Tourisme™
The commitment prior to the visit:
  • General public documents give full information
  • There is an Internet site ; it is friendly and gives a true description of the site
  • The helpline is efficient and polite
  • Answers to e-mails and faxes are precise and fast (48 hours working days maximum). They answer the customers’ queries
  • Group reservations are precise and fast
  • Parking is easy and marked
  • Environment is respected
logo Qualite Tourisme™
Reception on the site:

  • Display on the entry site is detailed and complete
  • The entrance site is visible and welcoming
  • A personalized reception desk enhances the site
  • The ticket desk is adapted to the number of site’s visitors
  • Bathrooms are clean and inspected
  • A nappy-changing area is available
  • The site provides extra services on top of the visit (catering, boutique, kids area, picnic area)
  • The site offers activities (at least three activities per year).
  • A boutique provides products directly related to the site.
  • Where there is a picnic area, it is a user-friendly place. 
logo Qualite Tourisme™

  • Clear visits information is found at the welcome desk
  • Written comments are true and easy to read
  • Clean and in good order technological displays
  • Customer’s comfort and security are ensured
logo Qualite Tourisme™
Guided visits:

  • The visit is prepared in order to please the visitor
  • The guide ensures the visitors’ satisfaction
  • The guide invites the visitor to appreciate other site and region corners (aspects)

Visualiser les sites engagés dans la démarche de qualité
Château de Gizeux - 37340 Gizeux

Château de Gizeux

37340 Gizeux

00 33 (0)2 47 96 45 18


The castle is closed from Nov. 6th to March, 30th 2018.

Our five guest rooms are closed from December 22th to February 9th included.

All year round, you can book a room

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