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School visits

Year-round, the château de Gizeux welcomes you for an afternoon or a full day and offers you educational workshops linked to the school curriculum and your expectations. It is offered only in French.
Please, contact us to make your booking.

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The dressed up story visit

plongez-vous dans l’histoire du châteauTravel through History with the guided tour.

Discover the remnants of the medieval castle, the habits and customs of a noble’s life. Immerse yourself completely in the life of knights by wearing costumes and behaving as a valiant knight or a pretty princess.

The oven baking workshop

L’atelier four à painCome and discover the Gizeux baker’s world.

Built in the 18th century the bread oven was big enough to feed around a hundred people all living in this vast residence.

Now, back in working order, the oven is back to life to show you the different stages of bread making.

The coat of arms workshop

l'Atelier blason avec un groupe scolaire.Pierce the mystery of heraldry.

Introduced on the battlefields in the 12th century, this mark of appreciation quickly became popular in medieval Europe. Discover the functions of heraldry in feudal society and its remaining stakes in today’s society.

Learn how to work out and understand the colour and the objects symbolised. Produce your own coat of arms using your artistic skills.

Forest life

Sortie scolaire en forêt, dans le parc du ChâteauCome and discover, during the different seasons, Gizeux’s forest with its hundreds of inhabitants.

Discover the animals by studying the foot marks and guessing to which beast they belong. Understand how the trees live and the ecosystem works so as to detect man’s role and his responsibility to the environment.

Our Prices

Number of children* Workshops Prices
 1 workshop  4€00
 2 workshops  8€00
 3 workshops 10€00 
 4 workshops 12€00
*4 to 18 years old  **booking required

Accompanying staff and bus drivers : free

The  “extras”:

For lunch:

-    In case of bad weather, a sheltered area will be at your disposal.
-    On good weather days, the grove and a picnic area are available.
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The castle is closed from Nov. 6th to March, 30th 2018.

Our five guest rooms are closed from December 22th to February 9th included.

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