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Where to stay ?

To fully appreciate the area, we suggest you spend at least one night in Touraine-Anjou. We have five guestrooms to offer you, as well as a group guesthouse. Below are some other addresses where to put down your travel bags!

Other Getaways:

Chambres d'Hôtes du château de Gizeux

Stay at the Château de Gizeux :

Five guest rooms welcome you. Each with its own unique décor, where charm of the past meets modern comfort.

Château de Gizeux

Hôtel Diderot

Stay at the Hôtel Diderot  :

Located in Chinon, the Hotel Diderot, built in the 15th century, still feels like a true home.
It is located 30 minutes from the Château de Gizeux.

Hôtel Diderot

Camping d'Huttopia

Stay at Huttopia campsite :

In the heart of Lake Rillé’s wood, close to the Loire Valley chateaux.
It is located 10 minutes from the Château de Gizeux.

Huttopia campsite

Why not stay in one of the guestrooms at “Fleurs de Soleil 41” Bed and Breakfast?
Close to the most famous Loire Valley Chateaux and the celebrated Sologne forest. You should be able to find a guestroom to your liking thanks to our partner’s network.

Fleurs de Soleil 41


 Château de Gizeux - 37340 Gizeux

Château de Gizeux

37340 Gizeux

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Despite the storm that hit the chateau on Wednesday June 16th
the chateau remains open to visitors, and all our animations are maintained!

The main path is temporarily closed, but the secondary path is accessible.