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What to do ?

Here are some suggestions of original activities to discover our Touraine region in an unusual way and build some forever memories.

Out of the ordinary activities

Cheval et Châteaux

Discover Cheval et Châteaux:

Cheval and Chateaux offers some unforgettable rides around the most famous Loire Valley chateaux.
“Discover the Loire Valley castles on horseback and enjoy castle life”

Cheval et Châteaux


Get away aboard Rillé's historical train :

Only a few kilometers from the château de Gizeux, Rillé's historical train awaits you to take you on unusual trips on North Touraine railways.
It is located 15 minutes from the Château de Gizeux.

Train historique de Rillé

Touraine Hélicoptère

Take off aboard "Air Touraine Hélicoptère & Montgolfière" :

Take off for an unforgettable experience with Air Touraine Hélicoptère company. You will fly over the Loire Valley and discover its beauty and diversity from above.

Air Touraine Hélicoptère

Château de Gizeux - 37340 Gizeux

Château de Gizeux

37340 Gizeux

00 33 (0)2 47 96 45 18



The Château is open to visitors
every day from 10:30AM to 6PM

Our guest rooms in the Château are open!
Visit our dedicated website:
booking online is available